View Full Version : Glitching through "City Entrance" map

15th Oct 2013, 17:23
First, thanks for the closed alpha, it's been great so far.
Second, as most alphas are, it's not without its fair share of bugs and glitches.
In this corner, by the big door, I killed an enemy, "dragged" it further towards the wall. Here at first, the camera had trouble and showed only a close-up of my character. Then after releasing the corpse, my character seemed to stand on the corpse. I was unable to move, so I tried jumping. This caused my character to go through this corner, and outside of the map - making me fall into the skybox and die.

Naturally, it's not something most people will do, except when hiding from other players.
Hopefully this has been helpful!

At last, a sidenote: The throwing arc of some human abilities seem strange and unnatural to me, but I will get used to it.

Thanks again for some good game so far!

EDIT: If it helps, I was not an Alchemist that round, but the default crossbow class.

15th Oct 2013, 18:38
Thanks for sharing, I'm sure this will prove very helpful indeed!

15th Oct 2013, 19:18
Similar thing happened to me. You can see the location in the mini map. I am not sure where exactly it is or what the map is called.

Image (http://i.imgur.com/hv38wHR.jpg)

23rd Oct 2013, 09:02
I can also confirm this.
I ran as Tyrant into the Door falling through the Map,...