View Full Version : Messed up controls

31st Jan 2007, 15:22
Hi, I wanted to replay Thief 3 as it's been a while since I've played it and I'm having a weird issue. Upon installing Thief 3 and going into the options, I cannot scroll down on any of the options as it scrolls right back up to the top - almost as if I were holding down the arrow key.

Then, when I acutally get into the game, I'm automatically moving forward without pressing any keys on the keyboard - again, as if someone was holding down the 'W' key for me.

I've tried reinstalling the game and using both the patch and original version to no avail.

Any ideas?


31st Jan 2007, 20:27
You have a USB keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or joystick. TDS will go on autopilot when you have these attached.

Do a FORUM search for USB and you will find info. Also read the Trouble sheets at the top of the page here, and the same at the TECH section: