View Full Version : BCD not on winxp?

ez rider
31st Jan 2007, 13:20
hi, it's been a long time
just went back playing BEL, which imo is still the best game ever
but after installing BCD and setting compatibility to win98 i get this error:
Sorry, not supported on Windows NT
since support for this kind of issues is no longer available i hope someone can help me out, thanks

31st Jan 2007, 14:00
Use this: http://www.tafn.info/phpscripts/filesdb/details.php?file=112

ez rider
31st Jan 2007, 16:18
hehe it's working :D
thanks a lot @m
the (German) patch picked the 1st drive in alphabetically order
my CD was in M ;)
so i had to remove all virtual drives
and now it's BCD revisited time
looking forward replaying it
thanks again :)