View Full Version : random CTD on demo version..

31st Jan 2007, 11:20
Ok, i've tried that demo, and i was able to play ONLY 1 game!
the first time i've installed the demo, i was able to make an internet server for 2 ppl, start the game and play it. it was fine and funny.
then....i don't know what the hell appened... every time i make or join a game, i'm able to play only for a couple of minute and suddently:


no warnings, no messages error, no info. the game simply shut down and return to windows.
I started to play on hamachi whit friends, hoping to bypass any gamespy-relates issues and i found that my friend are ables to play the game well.
I'm confused, coz we are all in hamachi, and my pc is far better than theyrs.

Core2duo 660
2 gb 'o ram
2x 7900 in SLI (though i've no control whit nHancer to enable or disable the sli mode, and i don't know why!)
ADSL modem (no router)

anyone experienced the same CTD?