View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Strange filter over screen

15th Oct 2013, 16:08
I thought it was only the menu, but the few seconds that I was in a match the same filter is over my screen. It looks like 011000000006358FA$13101010.... etc. And those aren't random numbers I just typed. It's repeated over my screen in a diagonal way. Though it is sorta translucent.

I tried taking a screenshot but I'm not sure how. (printscreen turns out all black in photoshop)

15th Oct 2013, 16:14
That's the watermark that serves as each Closed Alpha player's unique identifier.

If anyone shares screens or videos from the Closed Alpha, this will allow us to identify the person responsible and take appropriate action (e.g. revoking their Closed Alpha access).

15th Oct 2013, 17:12
Ahh I see, I thought it was a graphical glitch or something.
I don't even see it anymore, so no worries :)