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30th Jan 2007, 16:48
I have to admit, I get frustrated to the point of boredom at times because of the game "Save" methodology used here.

The "Checkpoint" process is annoying, as is the pre-determined "Return To Game" after a failure, as determined by the programmers as to where these should be, instead of me, the user.

Just give me a TRUE "Quicksave" on the F6 that snapshots the moment and lets me pick up my mistakes from there.

The Africa/Ghana level is particularly frustrating in this regard as it negates the "pace" of the game. (Something the old "DOOM" was the MASTER of.


In Africa,
Too much time doing nothing but looking around combined with endlessly frustrating moments of sheer inability to determine the scenario that just killed you.

I don't mind being killed, I would just like to be able to SAVE the game at the moment before I know I was just killed, so that I can re-try the mistake without having to go around and retrieve the rewards and repete the easy stuff that took place just before that.

Fix this "Save/Checkpoint" methodology and this would be a much more fun game to play. Tho it's not bad and my Spouse of 27 years and I DO enjoy the concept of it.

P.S. The Cinematics are OK and informative, but dump the scenes where I actually LOSE control of Laura herself. Let ME do that process. If I fail, I'll take the consequences. ESPECIALLY if I have a REAL F6 quicksave that actually works that way.

It does have some nice logic puzzles in it in tho like the lever and boxes puzzle in the first level and the 3 story water problem in Ghana.


I'll Take Laura's Twin .45's overall. Great FIRST weapon. The Assault Rifle is too expensive on ammunition, the Shotgun is weak, and I've yet to find a real use for the Grenades at all.

Basically I've done quite well with the Pistols. The Grapple is real nice however.

30th Jan 2007, 20:14
If you don't want to keep getting rewards, after you beat the game, just once you get one of the rewards you're looking for, save the rewards. It's an option on the pause menu after you beat the game. ;)

31st Jan 2007, 17:35

Thanks but...

Not sure I understand your comment.

Are you saying there is a reward that translates into a different "save" methodology?

Other than that, I've done pretty good on collecting all the rewards. I just take the time to find them before i tackle the action stuff.

Thanks again.

31st Jan 2007, 18:47
Tombraiderxlegend mean tha when you are collecting rewards after you got one you can save and exit level and you will have that reward. So you dont have to complete whole level again if you dont want

31st Jan 2007, 19:42
Kind of. If you die & you dont have that reward, because it was after the checkpoint. This might just be a bug but still.