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30th Jan 2007, 14:35
I have played several multiplayer matches now, and not once have i heard any talking through the headset, is this just because nobody who plays talks, or is it my xbox settings, or is it possibly that the demo does not support chatting (But i am pretty sure it does)

30th Jan 2007, 21:56
Did you try turning the headset on...?

31st Jan 2007, 09:31
When I started using my headset I had a similar problem.

Go into personal settings, there's a microphone tab in there somewhere. The default is always to mute vocal communications.

4th Feb 2007, 20:12
I fixed the problem, it was one of those stupid parental controls that block communications to all people except those on your friends list. I turned all those locks off now

4th Feb 2007, 22:33
I've chatted up with players every game I've played.

5th Feb 2007, 11:26
i had thought i had the same problem but my familly setting s are all off so i think its just no one bothers to talk as in games like chromehounds and even project gotham people are talking a lot.

6th Feb 2007, 19:48
If you are playing a one-on-one MP Battle with a friend--since one cannot do Co-op--you cant hear or talk to him/her during battle. Is there anyway to fix this?

Yes, I understand we are playing enemies but it doesnt matter when there are only two people playing. There should be an option that allows me to choose if I want to use the mic and chatt during a one-on-one encounter.

A battle can last up to one hour and the idea of playing MP is to interact with others not to play in silence....

I might be missing something and I hope someone will help me fix it.



6th Feb 2007, 20:39
Cant you have like a private-chat whit people on your friendslist?
Maybe you can talk whit them during a game, and in that way you can talk whit your opponents? I dont really know how thats work, because i never used it. But i think it should work like that.:cool:

6th Feb 2007, 20:51
Yeah me and a friend started a personal chat through the XBOX chat channel before setting up a game and we were able to chat the whole game long even while on opposite sides. I would only do this in a one on one with a friend since you cannot hear the game chat while in the personal chat.

6th Feb 2007, 21:46
Knot2bad and sleepfauker:


Why didnt I think of that? :mad2: I will try tonite.

Thank you again. :thumbsup:

7th Feb 2007, 00:38
I am pretty sure that you can open up an a private chat with anyone on your player's list, but i am not 100% positive about that.

m t freestyler
8th Feb 2007, 09:31
you can chat with anyone but only if they accept it which some people wont do probably because of family settings