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30th Jan 2007, 12:31
Quick startguide for US Carriers (and more or less Jap airfields):

Because of the many questions (and because my annoyment of losing battles because people literally do nothing) I tried to write down a simple guide on how to get started as a carrier. It also applies for most parts on Jap airfield. I may have forgotten some things, but I am at work now (:D ) and can’t try it out. It is only to get you started, you will learn quickly about tactics, do's and dont's yourself. Additions or comments are welcome.

Please note this is based on standard key settings.

When you start you’ll find yourself in birdsview of your carrier.

Depending on what tactic you and the other carrier are going for (if any! :nut: ) the most wise thing to do first is launching at least 1 or 2 fighter squads. To do this press “SHIFT” and the carrier launch display pops up. You now see three slots marked: 1,2 and 3.

For now press on the first slot and select a fighter squad (by pressing arrow buttons below the #1 slot). You can select the number of planes(max 3) and additional payload (bombs for the fighter --> slows fighter down!)

After that press launch and your carrier starts launching the flight.

Now press the number 2 slot to launch another flight of fighters, the same way as described above.

Again depending on tactics, you can now select the 3rd slot and select a flight here. Choose the divebomber with 1000 lbs bombs if you want to go after the ports or airports, or choose the torpedoes when you want to go after enemy ships and depth charges against subs. Of course you can also use the bombs against enemy ships.

When all 3 flights are launched it is time to go to the tactical map. Bring up the map by pressing “TAB”. You now see a map of the battle area. There are 2 carriers (in the demo) and 2 ports. You will also see some plane icons now as they are launched from the carrier. You can select your flights separately by pressing (or double clicking) the plane icon. Now an icon will appear ( I believe leftcorner below) to show what you selected. Bullets-icon represent fighters, bomb-icon bombers, torp-icon torpedo planes, barrel-icon depth charges planes (duhhhh!:mad2: )

To give order simply right click on what you want them to do:
- Right click on position on map: moves the flight to that position
- Right click on another flight provides escort for that flight and will attack threats
- Right click on a ship or a building will provide cover for that item and will attack incoming threats
- Right click on an enemy ship, port, airfield or enemy flight will cause your unit to attack. Please note that a fighter won’t do much against a ship (or you have to equip bombs--> still not very effective)

There will probably be some incoming enemy flights so use your fighters to attack them. You can choose yourself if you want to attack enemy fighter cover or the attack planes (bombers, torpers). Select your fighters and rightclick on enemy planes. Hovering your mouse over the enemy flights will tell you what kind of planes are incoming.

Should you want a flight to return to carrier (to launch other tactical planes), select flight, press ALT, then press D to land them. U can also fly your own planes. This is done by selecting the flight and to press TAB. You can now control the plane. Press TAB again to get back to tactical map.

In battle you will loose flights, which will result in an empty slot on your carrier, thus giving you the option to launch another flight. To do this left click your carrier (until it turns yellow). You now selected the carrier. Press TAB to return to your carrier view. Now press SHIFT to bring up the launch dialog. Select the empty slot and launch a new flight.

As you may have noticed your mouse represents a crosshair when in carrier view. U can manually use the guns on your carrier to fire on enemies. It is not so hard to get how this works I think! Simply aim and press fire!

Of course your carrier has some engines, it is wise to move your carrier around to prevent you being a sitting duck for subs or ships. You can move around by pressing W and S to gain or decrease speed (meter lower right corner) and A and D to move left and right. It however is more wise to use the autocruise on your carrier. To move your carrier around automatically (until out of waypoints) you should bring up the tactical map again by pressing TAB again. To move around select the carrier and press right mouse button on position where to move. You can use waypoints to move around or keep moving. Your ship will now follow the course plotted.

When you are attacked and suffer damage you can repair or contain the damage by pressing R. You can move around three crewmembers to attend to damaged areas. It will light up where damaged. Use arrows to appoint or remove crew to work on damage.

To talk to teammates press T. You can use mouse to select:
Common (talk to everyone)
Team (everyone on your team)
Or select a name to talk directly

Press Tab to close talkscreen.

30th Jan 2007, 16:58
Good stuff man. I jumped right in the 1st and prob. was the reason we took a loss cause I did not know all this and had to rely on mesgs from team mates. In the end I figured it out and my 3rd game My team won.

1st Feb 2007, 14:27
Good stuff man. I jumped right in the 1st and prob. was the reason we took a loss cause I did not know all this and had to rely on mesgs from team mates. In the end I figured it out and my 3rd game My team won.

Thx! have to do something at work! :whistle: