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30th Jan 2007, 07:37

No single player. Can't make a 1 player lan server.

An hour spent mucking about trying to use the *sigh* gamespy *sigh* id system working (after forwarding a dozen ports on my router), ended up having to install *sigh* gamespy *sigh* arcade just to get the profile working.


Get in to the Internet servers..

2 servers.

Try both get refused, ping was 250 for 1 and 300 for the other.

Start my own. Some random joins, I start the game. Have no real idea what's going on.

Manage to launch a few fighters, and then the random leaves, and instead of letting my fly around, having a look at what's what, it disconnects me from the server.

I try to go back to the server menu but the game is locked up, and I have to use the tiny button on my pc to restart it.

So I basically have no way to learn the game or even try things without having to rely on someone else being able to stay in a server for more than 5 minutes, that's if I actually get into a server.

The game really would have had a much better presentation if it was a basic single player demo with some sort of tutorial.

A multiplayer demo is good for an FPS eg bf2 or RTS eg company of heroes. It's not good for a niche title which is backed up by the atrocious gamespy ID

All in all, I think it's a missed opportunity. I think this could be a great game, I really do, but I won't really get the chance to try it. I just don't like buying games without trying them.

30th Jan 2007, 09:18
Although I agree some sort of tutorial would be nice, it is not that hard to find it out yourself. If you take a good look at the settings and then controls, you at least get started. Then it is not so hard to understand what to do. Learning by playing certainly applies here! Too bad you were unable to stay in the games longer.

Also if you are lucky there is mostly someone who will help you to get started, although that is hard because of the many disconnects.

Too bad you are giving up on this game yet, I had some intense good battles, although I do hope the retail version is much more stable and has fewer connection problems.

30th Jan 2007, 11:49
The game is GREAT, but I agree with the original poster. What were they thinking releasing the demo like this????

It requires a LOT of persistency, good will and patience on the part of the player to actually get to the game long/deep enough to realize how good it is, and honestly most cannot be blamed if they go away after GameSpy problems, MP disconnects etc.

Also, releasing this without some sort of tutorial or even a full PDF manual is simply unspeakably stupid. :(

30th Jan 2007, 12:58
Also, releasing this without some sort of tutorial or even a full PDF manual is simply unspeakably stupid. :(

to help some of you out with carriers:


31st Jan 2007, 10:45

I tried it again last night..

Took 5 restarts for gayspy to login.

Finally managed to join a server.

I've got a carrier apparently.

So I move the carrier forward.

Then it turns left (port?) automatically.

Then the game lags.

Then my other carrier goes evil kenevil and slams into my carrier then flies up in the air. Then the game froze my pc.

If I had not wasted half an hour getting into the game it would be :lol:

Instead it's just :mad2: