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30th Jan 2007, 04:48
The readme is vague about hosting a session and how many players you can load without lagging people out. My upload is 384Kbps, any suggestions on max players I should host a server with?

31st Jan 2007, 17:19

1st Feb 2007, 06:08
I'm succesfully hosting a 8slots server on my 6Mb/614Kbps DSL connection in Belgium (West EU didnt had complaints) with 2 pc's in the network using the same connection. Downside is when one of both pc's starts to send files i'm busted.

2nd Feb 2007, 20:16
When I try to run a server with 8 players, it seems that at least 3 or 4 will drop as soon as the game loads. What I'm wondering is if they are dropping due to their own firewall probs, or does my server lose their connection if 384upload isn't enough bandwidth.

I've tried running one with max 4 players and people still leave as soon as it loads in. So I've been running it with 8 max, hopefully leaving 4 players after the fallout.

I'm waiting to get off work today to go out and buy a new harddrive and the retail version of this game. For those of you who have the retail version, was the readme more helpful than the vague one included with the demo?

2nd Feb 2007, 20:40
I have started a 8 Player Server for 2-3 hours every evening (Demo). Some guys say they have lag, but some guys i have seen 2 or 3 evenings say it works very well. They don't have any lags. I know the connections to Europe are not very well from the USA. I have a Homepage that is hosted in Germany and the up/down speed is bad. My Friends in Germany have very fast speeds on this site. I think it depends on where the other guys are located.

I am located in Woodstock, GA and I have an 8 MBit down and 768 KBit up connection and play in 1280x1024 and max. details.

System is an Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ with 4 GB RAM an ATI X1800XT and the OS is Windows Vista Ultimate 64-Bit.

It works well for me.

17th Feb 2007, 04:00
What would be the max for 384 upload?