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29th Jan 2007, 17:51






Lost cities?

Lately I'm kinda thinking prison. I like setting prisoners lose and having the guards have at it and then whacking the guards.

30th Jan 2007, 00:25
I really like Bonehoard - getting those zombies to chase me into that room that shot out these fireballs and luring those zombies into the line if fire. Then the first time that fire guy chased me through the hoard - AIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

But I also liked letting all those prisonors out in Crags prison. I did regret it one time when I ran into a prisoner and he took off screaming bloody hell giving away my position.

30th Jan 2007, 02:43
1. A good undead mission, is tops with me.

2. A good city mission to explore. "To the roof tops" Yes that is from Thievery. You get a good looking city mission, it's beautiful, and fun to explore as well.

Some of the newer FM's chief, the bar is being raised. Textures, objects, some of the T2 FM's look like T3 FM's. They have been a real treat to play.

30th Jan 2007, 02:52
As for me...I'm still not thrilled with undead missions as a whole. If it's a small part in an otherwise mission of other escapades to do...then well if I have to, I will. But not for just the sake of being an undead/zombie type game. Those are just not fun for me. :whistle:

30th Jan 2007, 02:58
To a degree, I agree with BA. But I really enjoy the missions that make you work at the game. Rowena's Curse, Calendra (both), 7th Crystal etc.

Where you have enough information given you, if you look, listen, and read, but need to invest a little brain power to figure it out.

I am, of course, extremely happy with games that have UP as a viable factor.

30th Jan 2007, 12:46
As soon as I finish T3 I'll try some new T2 missions.

30th Jan 2007, 21:01
As soon as I finish T3 I'll try some new T2 missions.

Yes Up, as in roofs to climb or Rope to, beams over wells you can put a rope on and climb up from.

Try Lord Alan's Fortress. An amazing mission with many "Can I climb up there?" situations, and many where you must climb up there.

Mazes, traps, all kinda goodies. A very well done mission with a followup called "Lord Alan's Factory" which I betaed. Both are outstanding in detail, subtle sneakiness and much fun.

1st Feb 2007, 22:49
I'll go with a mix of Hammer's and undead, a few puzzles, plenty of rope arrow antics and a T1 style mood. Oh, and a pot of tea with that. How quick is the service round here? :D

1st Feb 2007, 23:36
Right away Gummie..as long as you watch my back! Did you prefer lemon with that, sugar or a biscuit perhaps? :lmao:

2nd Feb 2007, 16:49
absinth tea

24th Feb 2007, 18:51
One of my favorate Thief missions was in T3. It was called "The Craddle". If you have a good surround sound card, and your playing by yourself late at night, the sound effects are truely awe enspiring. I hope the DM with incorporate X-fi technology into this mod, as that mission from T3 freaked me out! Need some interactive sound environment with Thief. The game a based on sound in part. Going to the DM web sight, I think they have created an awsome mod to be sure. I just hope that Garret comes back. I have so gotten used to his banter as I go throught he missions. He reminds me of Jack Bauwer form 24 (Keffer Sutherland). Hope this mod gets out soon. Now, I have to go and find Doom 3 and get ready for the DM.

24th Feb 2007, 19:10

Theres nothing quite like sneaking around towns and manors taffin' some phat lewt.


25th Feb 2007, 02:48
I love the city and roof top missions. Exploring and love ones with puzzles.
Undead but not to many. Not so keen on Missions with all Mechs.
Ones with Lots of Atmosphere!. I like pagan's as well.
Rowena's curse is one of the favourites of mine.
The rocksbourg missions I loved.
The new 4 part "Night watch" missions are just amazing!. Has it all.

I flatly refuse to kill Burricks!!:rolleyes:

25th Feb 2007, 16:39
My favourite has to be city missions with loads of neat places to get into and lots of "up" places that require ropes, daring jumps, ledge walking, etc.

Next to that, I love a very complex mission, like Rowena's Curse, Ominous Bequest, Lord Alan's Fortress, etc. Loads of atmosphere, a compelling story and lots of twists and turns.

Shadow Creepr
25th Feb 2007, 16:52
Mansion missions are my favourites (7th Crystal, Heist Society, Art of Thievery). I like missions that keep me busy with puzzles and lots-O'-loot. :D

26th Feb 2007, 19:42






Lost cities?

Lately I'm kinda thinking prison. I like setting prisoners lose and having the guards have at it and then whacking the guards.

Yes please.... all of the above!!! I just love playing FMs and I would be honored to play anything an author wanted to build. I believe those of us left playing weekly or daily, as in my case:whistle: appreciates the time and effort put into a mission and would only ask that the author enjoy what they create and feel proud to share the fruits of their labor with us "Taffers" and "Tafferetts" who are not as talented:D

Bring it on!!!!!


29th Mar 2007, 20:36
I like the most thiefsie elements, so roof creeping like the beginning of the Angelwatch mission for example (and I mean just going for a ramble across the city and finding every single careless left open window and door, rope arrowing up and down, stuff like that), as well as sneaking around inside buildings, like the Bank in T2 and the Museum in T3.

29th Mar 2007, 22:49
Well, well what do we have here? A long lost soul...beware, beware. You shall not stay hidden long Taffer! :D

I sent you a PM Bravus...asking all about you and after reading a couple of threads you had answered a couple of my questions...but please say hello anyway with a bit more detail please. You have been missed and happy to see you again! :)

You need to change your CP ID as apparently you are no longer in Canada. :D

Don't know how active you've been getting FM's of late but you've got a whole slew full to pick from and some pretty good new mappers are putting out some very good ones. You'll also find some that have been made for T3 as well, as I note your playing it. There's also another loader that has been made to accomodate T3 missions. I didn't get it nor plan to, just didn't appeal to me as a Thief game that I've come to know and enjoy. However, check out the info on "The Dark Mod" being created as a tool for making Thief type mods using a modified version of "Doom 3's" engine. New Horizen is one of the members. So far what they've done has been pretty amazing!

Look for your return soon I hope. :)

30th Mar 2007, 11:00
Zombies are too easy. Haunts are what get my skin crawling, so I am split on an undead mission.
Anyway, Life of the Party (Angelwatch) is probably one of my few all time favorites. I remember one time, a guard fell off of the roof. I looked over the edge, expecting to see him dead. But he was standing there, shifting his weight like they do when they are bored.