View Full Version : Weird Lag Issue

29th Jan 2007, 06:43
Ok, first off, i love the demo from the two times I was actually able to play it

secondly, LAGG:mad2:

For some reason, I can login and get into a game JUST FINE, and it shows the ping as being at an acceptable level, but when I actually get into the game, I am lagged unto the 9th hell of LAG.

I cant do anything, my ships move sideways, my planes float in the water.
One time I asked if anyone else was getting this lag, it took literally a minute for the message to appear.Basically it's impossible to play.:mad:

I noticed that if I try to host a game it says i need to open a new port. I've heard from places that opening that specific internet port will open your comp up to crazy viruses.

I dont know if thats related of just a coincidence, but if anyone can help me or has a similar problem I'd like to hear.