View Full Version : Lag?

29th Jan 2007, 00:50
How do i get ride of it? Is it me? Or is it other people? I was fine when i first opend my ports then after i opened them like 3 games later i lagged. I dont know what to do, But if the game is going to be this laggy dont bother Releasing a Version of it for Retail

29th Jan 2007, 00:59
I have played a great many games with absolutely no lag. I did however have 1 game where I had horrendous lag but the server was based in europe...and I am in the US. The lag is in no way related to the game. Lag is present in all multiplayer games and stems from the hosts connection, your connection, and the distance between you and the host. To solve this get a better connection. If you have a good connection then just go to servers with a ping of around 100-150 or less.

29th Jan 2007, 01:03
Yeah i dk...Its annoying, I think BS:M needs to drop Gamespy as there Provider...Its really unreliable

29th Jan 2007, 01:15
I don't mind gamespy so much as it is the provider for tons of great games like call of duty and battlefield 2 but...this whole forcing you to register with gamespy arcade and all is kinda lame. We should just be able to click on server browsers and join a game...not have to log in.

29th Jan 2007, 01:25
I wish i knew what to do to my internet so i dont lag some times..Ill try not joining a Game with high ping but damn.. Its so bad.