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29th Jan 2007, 00:28
Yes I just started it.
Well I have just made it to the Pagan’s place. So far I’m a little disappointed that the game seems to want the player to kill instead of stealth. Also the AI’s patrols are for dummies. They get to their turn point and stand there for what seems like ages. I’m being too critical I’m sure. I just expected more. Here’s hoping that soon the game makers won’t think that we are all idiots and that AI can really get better. Oh for the days of TDP, when I really got into a game. I played Thief Gold till the CD wore out. :D.
I will admit though that I am playing on a Xbox 360 and not a PC. Trying to use a bow is crazy. The vertical aim is impossible. Can't hold it steady like the mouse did. Thief still is the best there ever was and is. Splinter Cell, RTCW, none of them compare. Unless someone here knows of something better?

30th Jan 2007, 00:19
Hi Chief

It seems like such a long time since you landed here. X Box!?!?!? I thought you had an alienware laptop to play on. :scratch:

30th Jan 2007, 02:32
For shame Chief...XBox...??? Tsk, tsk, now you know you need to use keyboard and mouse for Thief et.al. :D Yea, I know the Box has gotten somewhat better gaming for certain ones than used to be, but still don't think they can beat PC for FPS's and some others. You still have a PC don't you? I know you used your laptop when you were travelling but of course that has changed now too. Personally I still can't deal with Consoles as they really lead you by the nose, etc. Well you may change your mind yet. ;)

30th Jan 2007, 02:54
Sorry Chief. But the game was severely dumbed down to be playable on the Console.

As you work your way through you will notice a number of "How stupid do they think thief players are?" situations. And the portals will drive you crazy. Especially as they become locked in stone at the exact moment you pass through. If a guard chases you to the portal and you go through, a week later when you come back through (a week in real time) he'll still be there waiting or searching for you.

The game does not continue "Time" on the side from which you entered the portal. It goes into statis.

The forced blocks at certain walls to prevent you from mantling is another big irritation. In some areas you can go over a 6 foot wall, but can't go over a 2 foot one, or parapet. You can't climb all stone surfaces, or even the same textures. In some places two identical walls will be side by side. You can climb the "left" one but not the right.

All in all not a "bad" game, but for real thief players, a joke compared to the originals, and to T2X (a game made by fans). The "pros" really blew this one.

30th Jan 2007, 12:52
Oh I have a very good computer. It's just that My kids got me a Xbox-360 for Christmas and this game was $14 at the store. Trying to aim the bow vertically is near impossible because you cannot keep it steady. When I start playing the new T2 missions I'll have to see if I can find my T2 Cd's. Or try to find them online.

30th Jan 2007, 18:23
So you're playing the Xbox game on a 360 through backwards compatability, right? I heard everyone last year say that all the torches and other lights are see-through-the-walls. Is that true still, or did they update the compatability to fix that bug?

I played most of the game on Xbox and, while I know about and pretty much agree with all the complaints, I still found it to be a great experience, and I also felt that it was about one of the bet Xbox games of all time! I also played it all in 3rd person to stay true to the console experience, hehe.

30th Jan 2007, 18:35
Yeah the torches still shine through. I play it 3rd person as well because it doesn't work very well in first person on the console.

1st May 2007, 17:18
Personally, I have enjoyed Thief3 the best. I prefer that difficulty level, and the atmosphere/voice recordings are so much better. When I play Thief 1 or 2, I kept wishing I was playing TDS instead. I also miss my climbing gloves.

5th May 2007, 01:19
You are the first person, I've heard of, that prefers T3 over the other two games. To each his/her own.

5th May 2007, 08:55
I've heard of quite a lot of people feeling that way. All of them I think are folks who played Thief 3 first, then went back to try the first 2. It's hard to say how I might feel if I had played them in that order

5th May 2007, 16:18
Depends on the order they played them in. You talk to a lot more people than I do anyway Komag. I think the graphics are a big part if someone likes T3 better. We can pick that apart till we are blue in the face. Many reasons as to why someone likes T3 better.

Thief Gold for the story - hands down.
T2 Metal Age - improved graphics over gold.
T3 - yeah ok, better graphics, but a very fickle engine.

5th May 2007, 16:34
I've heard of quite a lot of people feeling that way. All of them I think are folks who played Thief 3 first, then went back to try the first 2. It's hard to say how I might feel if I had played them in that order

Well that is how I played it too!. I played TDS first. I like them all for very different reasons.I would not say TDS was the best.
After I played the first two I could see why and how much was missing that could have been there like the ropes and swimming as well. The Mediaeval buildings in the first two were much better and more to explore as well. There could have been so more in those docks I think,In TDS. More could have been made in my opinion of the story. I do like some of the atmosphere in parts though. Even those Catacombs were freaky!:eek: The cradle the best.
I am playing TDS again though and enjoying it. I liked Gold the best I think.
The story and the Burricks.I don't own TDP. Though I do love the pagans.