View Full Version : So whats the general thoughts on Midway?

28th Jan 2007, 21:29

I only downloaded the demo after seeing it on Shacknews, I have had no prior knowledge of the game.

After the initial problem of connecting, solved by breifly useing Gamespy Arcade (why should we have to do this?), I have got quite a few games under my belt as both navy and air units.

I`ve found the game to be very different to the normal strategy game, which has probably kept me playing, although I find playing Navy units very boring, utilising air units to support the allied Navy I allways find fun.
Yet, I dont find the battles exciting, probably due to the hard cap on units, it would of been nice to get some massive air battles going.

Anyway, I personally like the game, and will probably buy it, especially seeing its at budget price for the PC (17.99 compaired to 39.99 for the XBOX360).

Main complaints are the gamespy issue, and the game also seems to crash to desktop, or just plain hang when attempting to connect to a game sometimes, seems to happen randomly.

Finally, is there anyway to group two squads of air units?
Its a pain to have to send in one squad on its own then followed by another.

28th Jan 2007, 23:59
Mind posting where you saw that the PC version was Budget priced? >_>. (I've only seen the PC version going for $39.99.)

29th Jan 2007, 01:03
I think if you just press tab and go to the map screen then click on a fighter and then right click on the thing you want escorted it will have a green path which will make the fighter unit follow or escort the unit selected.

29th Jan 2007, 15:06
Im really enjoying the game. I had minor GS issue I had to create a new account maybe because of the -= in my tag. The only things that bother me is the game locks up sometimes when I click to join a server and the server browser is not very friendly. Servers are popping up left and right and it makes it hard to actually select one because of the way they are moving all around the little window so fast.

I also don't like it when a host is getting his but kicked so he ends the server.

I like controlling the aircraft and setting up bombing and torpedo runs then hopping in a fighter and defending them on the way to the target.

Is there a first person veiw for aircraft?