View Full Version : Chill and i may be able to help!

28th Jan 2007, 20:12
PM me your problem, and your PC specs.

in this PM i want the following.

*simply cut and paste and fill it out*

Problem (in as much detail as possible, no screenshots plz)

Windows version


graphics card

Directx version

graphics card driver version

connection (run a connection test, you can find these for free online)


Virus scan

*for those who cant log into gamespy, i will do this once home*
Valid emails only please, you have to activate the account. i will be logging into game spy and testing your ID for you.



i will give you a PW that you can change

any other questions/problems ask away.
*disclaimer, im not a pro or anything, but ive had lots of experience dealing with issues like this. i will try my best to help and i dont promise anything, but its better then nothing atm*