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28th Jan 2007, 12:43
Hello, I am with Lara in West-Africa and there its such stones beams I will say, where she can jump on but I simply no longer jump where on that large ' box ' and then weet I I must jump to, because them be possible can someone remains each time me be helped, with photograph neertezetten or a video. Thanks! Groetjes me

28th Jan 2007, 16:13
has someone my bulletin already seen, and does have which for that already a solution?

rabid metro
28th Jan 2007, 21:46

then click on the level that you want (i.e. 04- Ghana ...)

debates rage on about how "easy" Legend is ... so it might be possible to simply figure this out (and would clearly be more satisfying, i think).

fare thee well!

30th Jan 2007, 18:44
I agree with "rabid metro" that reading scenarios can spoil the game. If it really WAS all the easy, (as some hard-core gamers claim,) then where is the fun in doing it?

Africa/Ghana has always been a frustrating level for me in that I'm an old guy and my left-hand "W-A-S-D" hand coordination is not what it used to be. Africa requires several instances of truly pre-programmed FAST w-a-s-d left hand key sequences. Not to mention the Space Bar and possible 'f' or 'g' or 'q' or even 'e' key sequences you have to enter to get through it, as well as the camera view from the mouse control that can and will affect how it works from the point of view in question. (Wish thet'd stop FORCING my view on some of these.)

The bottom line is, It's DO-ABLE!

And the pleasure is in learning how (and being frustruated by) how difficult it is.

Tennis DOUBLES in original "PONG" ANYONE?

I had a girlfriend in the mid-seventies that together, we were never defeated in the original table-top-doubles bar version of this game in over 350 contests.

Mostly I played front court, but we would switch from time to time.

Sort of a world series of PONG if you will.

The better YOU got, the harder IT got.

Practice, practice, practice.