View Full Version : Demo turns into joke

28th Jan 2007, 11:10
I just downloaded the demo and bcus it didnt work due GS probs (enlessly trieng to connect, not responding on exixsting GS account, ecc...) , i went looking here for a solution, that no1 seems to be able to give.
I read more and more posts from ppl who are anoyed by the problems that dont seem to get solved. Its dissapointing how a potentially good game can turn into a joke by negelect.

this game has, once again, lost 1 buyer.

28th Jan 2007, 11:18
because the demo was released on a Friday the devs had not had a chance to look at what is causing the issue. The game is neither a joke nor being neglected. I just ask to please be patient.

After considering this thread I am gonig to close it. If you have any questions or constructive critisizm then please post. We will be glad to help and listen but calling the demo a joke and stating there is no support has no place here.