View Full Version : BM dont want start !!

28th Jan 2007, 09:40
I have a PC with :
- Dual Core E6600
- Nvidia 7600 Gs
- 2 Go Ram

When i click on the icon of BM, BM dont want start !!

I 've tried on my second PC which have
-AMD 3800+
-ATI x700
- 1 Go Ram
and it s work well.

What is the problem with my first PC. Is there a problem with Dual core ??

Could you help me. I dont unterstand that !

28th Jan 2007, 13:21
Mine works fine on a Core 2 Duo, so probbaly not that. Most people seem to be able to start the game, it is after that the problems begin. I hate to ask the standards, but do you have updated video drivers, etc.?

28th Jan 2007, 14:17
Thx for your reply. It s ok now, i have updated my video drivers. But now, i have the problem with gamespy account.