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15th Oct 2013, 12:41
Hey everyone, we're hugely excited to invite you in to Nosgoth's Closed Alpha testing program! This will be the first time the game will be played by real-life members of the gaming public in the wild, and it's an important chance for us to see how the game fares so we can update and improve it accordingly.

Currently, we will be running Alpha gameplay sessions only at specific times - please check the testing schedule page (http://nosgoth.com/servers) to to find out when the game will be available to play and to ensure your availability.

We'll be using these forums as one of the major ways we'll be interacting with you and gathering feedback from you. In this board, we would very much like you to share:

Your impressions of the game
Suggestions for the development team

Please remember:

Use the appropriate tag when posting, as it allows us to search for and track particular issues much more effectively!

Bugs and glitches should be reported in the Technical Discussions (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/forumdisplay.php?f=101) board.

Attachments: If you want to send us screenshots to accompany your bug reports, please do so via Nosgothbugs@square-enix.com.

Post your feedback after each session (and during the session if you can!) and we'll do our best to respond either in this board or in updated builds of the game.

EDIT: We have added the server name to the lobby and in-game score screens. When reporting a bug, it would be a great help to us if you could also report what game you were in.

Please remember: While in Closed Alpha, we need you to respect and follow Nosgoth’s Alpha Trial Non-Disclosure Agreement that you have already signed up to, which you can review here (http://uman.eu.square-enix.com/tracker.php?doc=NGOTHNADK&code=TEMP_en_1&lang=en&page=email&id=LINK2). This confidentiality agreement means that you cannot discuss the game online outside our forums, or post or share screenshots or video captured anywhere inside the game.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. For Nosgoth!


24th Oct 2013, 18:10
Hey everyone!

I went back from work and the first thing i did is to start the game... and i was not disappointed!
I played 2x2 games (2 as Hunter, 2 as Tyran)
First thing i noticed is the gameplay. As a Vamp it is really easy to climb on walls, the freedom to go almost everywhere... it feels great!
As a hunter it is a completly different approach, maybe more defensive, punishing and reacting to attacks.
Both sides were fun to play!
I am not sure how the game is balanced because people played for couple of hours and the teamplay matters a lot to get victory. I was glad to see that people playing with me tried to stay grouped.

Suggestion : add a pop-up when the mouse is over a skill/weapon, on character select at the beginning of the round. I read the description yesterday and did not remember it :)

Looking forward for the next session!