View Full Version : By anychance, did anyone get Anaya to..die yet?

28th Jan 2007, 04:04
I still haven't seen that scene and people said Anaya could actually die if you don't make it in time:confused: I really dunno. This has been going on since April '06!!!

http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/images/tombraiderlegend_psp_screenshots_11/screen8.jpg<-- PSP version screen cap
Someone before already tried this method:
Do absolutely nothing after clearing all bad guys until one more remains, shooting at Anaya's JEEP and that player left the game on for hours and no scene was triggered-_-..same with me.

Now what I'm doing or trying is to DELAY myself when I must quickly go back up from the tombs to where Anaya is. Maybe an hour late:rolleyes:, otherwise if that doesn't work...guh..it's not like I like gore and deathXD it's just I'm curious to see this scene..
*whoops, spelt by any chance wrong on topic name:rolleyes:

28th Jan 2007, 19:00
I've never heard of that scene. I very much doubt she'll get killed.

28th Jan 2007, 23:17
I doubt there is such a scene.
If there was, I highly think some people would come looking for 'help' - or just complaints.

29th Jan 2007, 00:06
The mystery of that screenshot remains unsolved then. Why would Lara sit down in disappointment, as if she were crying, in Peru if not for Anaya's death - which simply doesn't ever happen? :scratch:

29th Jan 2007, 01:05
Another person from the otherside of the forums said maybe she got shot:scratch: I can see what he means though. But yeah looks like we'll never know..

14th Feb 2007, 16:37
I'm guessing Tomb Raider Chronicles (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com) took it down. Does anyone know where else I can view this picture? :)

14th Feb 2007, 20:37
No they didn't;). I hotlinked it (sorry..). You can easily find it elsewhere;) Like here (look at the middle picture of the selections (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr7/screenshots_psp_03.html)

15th Feb 2007, 07:21
No they didn't. I hotlinked it (sorry..). You can easily find it elsewhere Like here (look at the middle picture of the selections

Thanks. :) Yep that picture is confusing. :scratch: I wonder if Crystal Dynamics will ever reveal if there truly is, or was, an Anaya death scene...

15th Feb 2007, 10:02
Just get on bike, then go real slow -- maybe stop; one of the boys tells you that he heard a shot and they got anya -- then you are put back at the beginning of the motorcycle course again.

Maybe if you catch up to the trucks, but don't enter the truck since then that starts the cut scene where anya is saved. Just follow behind and see what happens...

Other than going to slow on the motorcycle course, I don't know how else she'd die. She never seems to get focus once lara comes back up out of the mines and finds the mercs around -- they all focus on her, it seems.

Maybe if you go up, see the merc, then go back down into the mountain and walk around some more...as though trying to explore...

Just an idea...

16th Feb 2007, 02:25
Who knows you may be right:D! I've thought of many solutions - might try that one;)

19th Feb 2007, 18:22
Well, programmers are notorious for burying things in the games in such a way that you MIGHT just stumble on them or perhaps go looking for "cheats" which I personally am not into.

But the fact remains,,,,

That screenshot exists!

It's in there somewhere or it would not exist in the first place.


19th Feb 2007, 18:58
That screenshot exists!
It's in there somewhere or it would not exist in the first place.

Isn't it possible some sections of the game were never released because test players found some scene too difficult or discouraging? Maybe it didn't play well and only existed in a pre-release?

FWIW -- I went back through that level to see if I could get some alternate scene showing something similar. Wasn't able to duplicate it in PC-version of Legend. I played for long time following behind trucks -- trying to go between them, around them. You can even give Lara a rest if you try -- you can pull her motorcycle up on the ramp of the left truck -- but not all the way to the top. Then you can stop the engine of the cycle and Lara will just go along for the ride until some number of bounces slowly drops her back off the ramp. You can lolly-gag around all day behind truck --- slowing down --- speeding up -- but as long as you keep trucks within easy catchup distance, she never gets shot -- not until (unless) they get out of view. :whistle: Coming back -- I cleaned the bottom camp section -- first I got their attention :rasp: coming up the rope -- they shot at me a few times and I went back down the rope a ways...they eventually lost interest. Eventually went back up the rope and cleaned them up. Now the last guy that was taking pot shots at Anaya -- I just went back down the rabbit hole...er...wrong game, the well -- :-).
Got off on all the intermediate levels to poke around -- went back to the bottom and found a straggler that must have hid out the first time I went through (I thought my body count was low). Twiddled my thumbs,
looked for souvenir T-shirts...nothing. Finally went back up -- he was still doing slow shots at Anaya...Tried to get his attention with a shot or so, then he looks at you, but doesn't shoot back...finally made the mandatory kill to progress to next stage in game. :rolleyes:

They could throw in more randomness to allow for different variations, but then I guess it wouldn't qualify as a story-driven "Adventure" type game. Guess there are lines there that can't be crossed -- we are only in a "third-person" role -- not exactly like a first-person role where we are free to decide path. The path has to be pre-chosen for us and all we do is solve the pre-existing storyline. It's not really the same as an Role Playing Game (RPG) where we can create our own story within some loose theme. I dunno...perhaps I'm anxious for another release ...