View Full Version : connection solution

28th Jan 2007, 01:48
i figured out how to get connected and stay connected. i was getting issues and then i decided to have gamespy running while playing the game and then it worked with out any flaws. just before you click the icon to play bs:m, click into gamespy and leave it running with you signed in and then play bs:m. have fun.:thumbsup: :D

28th Jan 2007, 02:35
i will try this :) thanx.

28th Jan 2007, 03:14
hmm I removed gamespy, I couldn't suspend or shutdown my PC after I installed it. I hope the final gives us more options for online play.

28th Jan 2007, 03:43
tried... didn't work... and I still can't log on... no problem with GSA thou...

28th Jan 2007, 04:14
can you not log into gamespy when you first start bs:m. cause i had that prob and switched my nickname and user name around and it worked. try it.

28th Jan 2007, 04:48
Tried everything doesnt work, I've had gamespy arcade installed for AOE2, I have DMZ, I opened ports, I've unplugged router, I've tried every possible solution suggested, does not work. I hope no forum troll comes up and flames me, since his game works and mine doesn't.

I never had a game with connection problems, except for COH beta, but I did get in, just couldn't at certain times of the day.

I really hope they fix this for release just like COH fixed theirs for release.