View Full Version : Shortcut In Kazakhstan. (awesome!!!)

28th Jan 2007, 00:41
Okay, so maybe lots of you know this, but for new people who just joined here's a really awesome shortcut to beat the timetrial in Kazakhstan. (Note: You must be good at defeating Amanda's pet.)

Okay, so once you get to the magnetic gun(the first time) there are two barrels by magnetic gun. They're by the fence where the moving platform is.
Stand a safe distance and either shoot them or use your magnetic grapple to pull them away. Once you do, grab a box, and push it to where the barrels use to be. Jump up onto the box then on the the platform. and then go to the next platform and go thru the door.

Do the rest of the level and then defeat amanda's pet.

Also, at the beginning of the level, ignore all of the guards and go straight thru the first part.

Mad Lizzy
28th Jan 2007, 16:54
wow, ure lucky, because i can't get where you are now.:( ****
anyway that sounds like a very good shortcut.:D

28th Jan 2007, 17:14
Lol. Thanks. It takes some practice, but you'll go far soon!