View Full Version : Young Guns and Old F*rts...........

27th Jan 2007, 19:48
I've read an awful lot on here in the past 24 hrs about problems with Gamespy access, difficulty getting into games etc. etc. I sympathise, I suffer 'em too. Still get far more 'connections lost' than success in getting into games, still get lock-ups, crashes and the rest of it. But my point is this is a DEMO and only just over 24 hours from release. I can't see a lot of point in running the game down when all we have so far is a small taste of a much larger product and a free one at that. Of course there are gonna be problems and no one, I'm sure, is more keen to sort them out than the manufacturers. After all, they want to sell the product. Thats what demos are for. They are also an ideal way of spotting the glitches when used by large numbers of people. Maybe if we stop expecting a full blown playable game right now and have a little patience then all will be well. But hell, when I was a Young Gun and not the Oldest F*rt of all I would have screamed the loudest.

Which brings me on to the main purpose of this rambling narrative. I've also noticed a lot of correspondence about mature players and the younger go get'em generation. From experience, and I've multiplayed another period in history for a number of years, the MP world is divided into two tribes. The YG's who love to hurl everything they have in large numbers at any enemy in sight ( and good for them - great fun! ) and the OF's who prefer a slower more methodical approach and often are more interested in the tactical/historical aspect than notching up kills like Von Richtofen. As a student of Naval History for some time it strikes me that BM has an awful lot of potential for great things in the way of some serious naval gaming. But until we get the finished article its impossible to tell. As many of us observed immediately Midway was fought between carrier groups 200 miles apart and it was all down to who found who first. The only people who saw the enemy were pilots, in the demo you can look out of the shipping yard window and watch the opposition sailing by. But who knows? maybe with some modding ( with permission of course from that nice man Mr Keir) maybe some of us could put together something special in the way of naval gaming. So if you are an OF and would like to play a few sedate demo games to explore the possibilities then give me a call. Maybe we could call ourselves the ' Ancient Mariners?'