View Full Version : Battlestations. exe Error

27th Jan 2007, 18:46
Hi everyone . I'm having a problem with battlestations . The game starts up fine but when i go to join a game or create a game i get blown to desktop and a it shows a error that's says Battlestationsmidway.exe has created an error and has been shut down with a error report to send to Microsoft. I disabled virus scan which didn't help . I also installed the demo on another computer in my home and i get the same exact error. I even downloaded the demo from another site today and did a reinstall but i still get the same error. Direct x has been updated . I looked for newer Drivers for my Sager Laptop but im using the only ones on their Site. Could this be a video drv problem with both machines or something else ?

27th Jan 2007, 19:17
Yeah, sounds like a driver issue. When you get the error it should state which file is causing the error in the message where it asks if you want to send the error reprt to Microsoft.

Post that here if possible, it will help tell what device needs updated drivers.