View Full Version : COOL IDEA - W/ Screens

27th Jan 2007, 15:06
Hmmm These are kinda new I guess,
and I'm sure a lot of ppl have already seen them~
But i thought this was a cool idea for CD to Do.
It looks like u get to climb up the mountain yourself...
and grapple up and push that button that opens the door yourself...
Very nice touch~ What do you think?


27th Jan 2007, 17:32
well, i'm not a huge complainer... anything CD and Eidos whips up will proabably please me, but I think that is a great idea. Lara had never really rappled a mountain, (ok, MAYBE when she's in Ghana above the temple), and I would love for them to bring in some new stuff. Looks great!

One thing I will complain about, (as if it hasn't been before) is how the renders of Lara show a cute, spunky lady, about early 20s, with NATURAL makeup....ie, lipgloss, light mascara, and that's about it! and the actual in-game screenshots show what looks like an older Lara with burgundy lips and pale skin! It's not the quality, just the change of look that kills me.

Oh well, I won't be examining her face while I'm playing anyways!

Martin C
28th Jan 2007, 16:25
Tbh I'm quite excited by the prospect of less cutscenes and more gameplay, as much as I liked the cutscenes in TR, actually taking part in the sequences (and no not button pressing sequences thankyouverymuch :P) would make this remake all the better for it imo.

Cheers for those screenshots btw, they look funky. :)

Martin C x