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27th Jan 2007, 10:37
I seem to be stuck in a tomb. the game is on easy mode but i'm finding it hard. ive just put 3 boulders on mechanisms to reveal the broken sword but i cant get back to the surface to help the girl!!:mad2:
i am going mad and tried lots of jumps but keep getting killed. how do i get out?

27th Jan 2007, 15:36
You're in Peru I believe. After the cutscene, where Zip tells Lara "the girl" is in trouble, you have to climb the walls over to the other side. Look at the walls around the tomb, there will be several places you are able to grab and climb.

27th Jan 2007, 17:03
cant find anywhere toi grab and climb across. each time i go for the rope its like steve mcqueen trying to do the jump in escape to victory.

where can i climb acrross. i climb the ladders but theres no where to go, keep falling to my death. tried standing on the balls to jump to places- no good:mad2:

been at this for hours and its doing my nut please help. just need to get to the surface to finnish the level.

27th Jan 2007, 22:51
Here are a bunch of screenshots from Stella's tomb raider site. They should help you:

28th Jan 2007, 11:56
thanx :)