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27th Jan 2007, 02:57
I am as pissed off as everyone else is about the seeming lack of responsibility for this game, no one seems to give a shlt about its players.

For those that say 'theres a lot of things to patch, so we cant expect anything soon...' well if any company would release a game this UNFINISHED, then quite simply they shouldn't be in the games business. its like a doctor letting a patient die because he didn't read the necessary parts in the anatomy manual...

one thing this game 'did' have was massive potential. i don't think ive seen such a large 'free roam' map before, and with such good graphics. i just cant believe they'd come so far (they've obviously put a lot of work into this game), just to fck it up at the end!?

it does seem as though the developers have mainly focused on the games looks, and overall game play, and totally skipped over the finer details of the game, which any gamer would pick up on very quickly.

One of, if not the most important thing when creating a game, is maintaining a state of suspended disbelief for the player, so they can become immersed in the game and have a little thing i like to call fun.... which is destroyed when numerous bugs are encountered.

At the end of the day, it is grossly irresponsible and unprofessional for any high end business to leave its own customers questions unanswered and seemingly unacknowledged. It is entirely unacceptable for a company to dispatch such a faulty product. In what other line of business could anyone get away with so many shortcomings? It is companies like this that still do not take the games market as seriously as they should and therefore slow the overall progression of it.

I have said my piece, until (and im not holding my breath) a miracle occurs and a patch is released, my copy of just cause shall make a nice beer mat.

You fvcking amatuers

22nd Mar 2007, 17:49
Like I posted before...i am positive Eidos only released this game to show off the landscape engine...just like Quake does with every release...screw gameplay...show off engine...thats how it is mates

23rd Mar 2007, 22:48
Well they aint gonna last long going on like that are they!!!!!

Stupid prats