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27th Jan 2007, 01:46
Well let me first say that this is a somewhat complicated situation. I have (via my Tech) installed the newest version of CAT (7.1) drivers and this has helped somewhat, however where I notice it mostly is when I try to use one of Microsofts screensavers. They used to run smoothly but they show a choppiness and have for awhile now. Not as much as they were earlier but it is still detectable. This also had translated into some of my game playing. The other SS'rs I've installed run fine. Yes, we have reinstalled XP but not on a clean drive, just over itself due to my wanting to keep what I have intact, etc.

I have a duel boot system...WIN98se on one physical drive and XP on another physical drive. In WIN98se...with another older set of CAT's they run (SS'rs)smooth. So you might conclude it's the drivers...well perhaps but using anything else in XP only makes it worse. My main problem now with running T2/mods is the game closing down on me after a bit. I put in the darkhooks.dlx, keeping in the original as well, put the tnhScript.osm and the fixed script.osm as was told to do. I don't know if this has anything to do with my problems..cause for the most part I never had any problems playing. I had rare shutdowns before but now it's terrible.

What I've been doing and other games I had already installed in WIN98se, is copying the desktop shortcut from there and pasting it onto my XP desktop. This has worked very well in the past with no real problems, but now with T2/mods, at least the recent ones I've been playing has been a different story. I have had some similar problems with a demo that comes to mind that I have in XP, WarFront-Turning Point and probably others but can't think right now to give names. So apparently it isn't T2/mod specific...it's just that I never had this problem with them in the past. I've had a few shutdowns before but this is happening frequently now but not while I'm on the Net. Seems to be mainly game related.

So there ya go...I really appreciate your offer to try and help but with you not seeing my system et. al. I don't really think there's much you can do. :)

Just for kicks though:

XP home SP2; 1g Ram (not sure what kind now) 1 stick; AMD Athlon 3200XP+2.0g running @ 1.5 w/400FSB; Sapphire/ATI X800GTO; Santa Cruz Sound card; 500W PowerSupply; Chaintech MoBo w/Via chip and CD-RW, DVD player and a new additional DVD-RW w/CD-RW combo. Just recently added a controller card to put this stuff into as I'm going to be getting another HDD soon. The other two are 40gigs each divided into four partitions each. I have 1.5gigs set in each OS for swap file.

That's about as much as I know or can tell you. Hopefully, you'll find this message as I said in the other forum (FM's) I would put it here but the Mods might want to move it??? LOL Good Luck! :)

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28th Jan 2007, 17:12
Hi Huntress just thought I would let you know I had a problem running Thief 2 on Windows XP SP2 it never wanted to run on that so I changed it to Windows XP SP1 and have not had a problem since then.

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28th Jan 2007, 20:12

I would be interested to follow this thread, because I enjoy disussions on video cards. But there is no thread!:confused: I suggest you do one of two things. Best, for the same of continuity, would be to copy your post on machine specs into the thread where this topic was being discussed in the first place. Then you could put a link to that original thread at the bottom of this one, let me know when it was done, then I'll close this thread. If you want, you or I could delete it. Second best would be to edit the first post with a link to the other thread. Then you would have separate discussion of the same topic in different threads, which is not a good thing.

Please note the forum rule about not addressing threads (in the title) to a particular person. It's no big deal, but the rule does encourage order and public discussion, which is slightly lacking here. For communication with an individual, PM's should be used. Threads (if they exist) are for the public to enjoy.;)


29th Jan 2007, 00:29
Never install the latest driver unless the old one no longer works.

30th Jan 2007, 02:18
Peter, this message was posted here as I had indicated in my post above, that the question came up from Biker in a post that was in The FM Mission Forum and a discussion that was about a particular FM. Not wanting to distract from that discussion, I left a message for Biker that I would post my specs over here as he thought he might be able to help me with my problems running Thief/Mods, etc. :)

I suppose I could have put it in the Tech Forum (I guess we still have one) but since I had committed to putting it here, I did. However, of course, since this is a General Discussion I thought it would be OK. Yes, I addressed it to him but of course anyone is invited. :) That is if they want to, and of course a couple of old friends have...thanks guys.

However, now I think I may have found part of my solution and not happy with the findings. As stated, I have a Sapphire/ATI card and with that came a very nice, easy to use, Overclocking proggie. It had been working fine and no problems...that is till I apparently started upgrading my drivers with the newer ATI CAT drivers. Sapphire used the CAT's as well, but now it seems that somehow this has affected my OC prog. and on a hunch after looking at that program yesterday, I noticed that temp was rising and the fan useage was rising (this had not been the case before). While I was watching this, after a bit, my system shut down as the readouts got to a certain higher level.

So today, I decided not to use it and just left it at the Standard setting. In the past I just used the Performace setting (the next setting to choose). That one gives you Max at normal fan but boosts up VPU/Mem...and saw a signicant rise in Mem clock but VPU was slightly lower than Standard as it turned out..but that was OK too. They do have even another choice, but I didn't want to use that one as I was afraid it would run too high for my system? I dunno, maybe I should as it still gave Max but with 100% fan speed (call it Extreme) but I never tested it either.

So the bottom line is...I've been playing Thief's2 Mod (Dept Repaid new ver.) for most of the day now and so far no shutdowns. Well that's great but now I don't know what's happened to my OC program. I really liked using it and it had been doing a good job but if it got screwed up somehow, guess for now I can't. Only more time and playing various games will confirm.

So there you go and Peter if you want to move it to the Tech forum, that's fine. :)

T2 FM - "A Night in Rocksbour" by "DrK" - TOTALLY BRILLIANT (this is the thread where the question came up).