View Full Version : Problem with connecting

26th Jan 2007, 20:03
Hi. I downloaded and installed succesfully. But when i have filled in evrything and is about to log in i get a message wich reads. An error accured while reading or writing accros the network. The firewall is off and i have downloaded the gamespy arcade program. Though i get some error when trying to start that to.

Best wishes // Martin

26th Jan 2007, 20:18
u dont even need gamespy arcade, u just need a gamespy account

27th Jan 2007, 01:20
still sounds like a firewall issue check you dont have multiple firewalls installed, on your system as well as your router if you have one, its not uncommon for people with know brains at all to install norton, panda and mcfee, and they wonder why there computers run like crap