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26th Jan 2007, 19:26
I installed the demo and took every port in the readme file and dropped every single firewall i have to play this game. I finally loaded it up and could see other servers so i tried to join one. It gave me a error saying No challenge was received from the master server. Now as i quit out of the game in frustration i see that my msn and xfire have both been disconnected. I thought my ISP was just down but I called a friend and he said his was fine. Then i called my ISP and said everything was fine and no disconnects that they saw. So anyone have any iea whats going on? Anything would be helpful thanks.

P.S. my system specs are high end and i have 3mb dsl

26th Jan 2007, 22:31
yes i am haveing the same problem if you watch your modem or router you will find that it is causeing the wan to lose connection. on my router i can see this with the light on it.

but for some reason i can do a lan game and it stays connected but no one else on my network can use the internet while i play lol this is a stupid problem..

26th Jan 2007, 22:59

26th Jan 2007, 23:30
Yep, finally got connected and having hard time joining game. I did get to join one but it was like my keyboard died/:confused:

27th Jan 2007, 01:14
if you get into the game but cant move units or do anything then u have LAG this is down to your location/ISP

27th Jan 2007, 01:19
That was it, everyone was talking about the lag and left the game.

27th Jan 2007, 01:31
wen u start a game ask the people where they r from if its not within 3000miles of where u live dont bother the latency will be awful (LAG)

27th Jan 2007, 05:26
But still no one has answered the internet drop issue???

27th Jan 2007, 13:27
I had the issue also. I have a router and was using the XP firewall. I reset my router (becasue I lost the darn password) and set the ports listed in teh readme file open. I then diabled the XP firewall. I was finally able to join a game and stayed the full match... I won too :rasp: