View Full Version : Some thoughts about the PC Demo

26th Jan 2007, 19:23
First of all, hello everyone!!

I have been waiting for this game for some time now.

Here are some thoughts i have about the PC Demo

The game lobby and server browser are bad........really bad, like console bad......This isnt a Xbox360 here, its a PC game. Sure you can get away with a simple browser on the kiddy consoles, but not on a PC.

Where are the advances filters for sorting by ping, map, location of server, etc...??

Why is the browsers window so small??

The controls are pretty easy, but i cannot for the life of me invert the vertical axis for my mouse. Every time i try to change it in the options it goes all wonky and i have to cancel out

Other than those issues the game is great and lots of fun...

26th Jan 2007, 19:34
There is an option to filter by a few things. I am not sure how well it works because i havent used it but just look.

26th Jan 2007, 19:42
There is just a simple sort option...

27th Jan 2007, 02:50
well, i like the PC Demo, better graphics as XBOX Version.

But i`ll hope that some guys can mod the sound, because not so good.

I will realistic engine sounds and effects from the planes. :)

27th Jan 2007, 05:22
O boy, the console fan boys are out tonight.

I am going to ignore the horrible grammar in that post and not use you as an example of the typical console gamer. ;)

Guys, I play on consoles. I have nothing against them, but I am sick of seeing games that are created for multi-platforms have a crappy PC version.

Having the ability to filter things by ping, map name, game type, open slots, passwords, etc... is essential in every multi player game.

On the Xbox360 you can get away with having less options because the are not needed, the Live matching system takes care of most of that behind the scenes.

27th Jan 2007, 05:25
Strange I elected to use joy stick and the default was for ships and not planes like I thought it should be.

27th Jan 2007, 08:02
Let's get back to the demo shall we. I have the same feelings on the sounds not very immersing. I want to see bigger explosions as well. I am having difficulty grasping the scope of the game. I get so in to using a CA that I don't want or care what is happening on the map as you can tell that is a bad thing. I wish the shells and mussel flashes were more noticeable. I am not getting good results with sending plains to attack things as well.

27th Jan 2007, 09:07

if gamespy is used on the final pc version. i will either

(1) Not buy the game

(2) I wont play multiplayer ( even though i was looking forward to it the most)

27th Jan 2007, 11:15
I love the demo and the gameplay. The whole command element isn't distracting from the combat or gameplay, it adds to the realisiticness!

Although its a demo, the planes dissappearing into the ground and the crash graphics are pony...

Plus some ping, filters would be nice on the online info.

WIll buy if all the little details are fixed. Planes don't simply melt into the earth when they crash!