View Full Version : Money For Nothing?

26th Jan 2007, 11:58
What the hell?
Can someone react on the threads here?
THE ONLINE GAMING IS TOTALLY WRECKED!!!FATAL LOBBY ERRORS ALL THE TIMES!And game crashes in clan list,and much much much more errors!Why dont u do anything,new players that have bought the game is online everyday,but what did they get for the money?A ****ed up game when it comes to online gaming!!!!You better do something about this now,or i swear to god that every newspaper have a article about this **** soon...Seriously!!!Dont turn more backs to this now,its enough now...We have paid for the game,some of that money should cover some server costs?Or whatever the problem is...And the "big release" of a patch,for ps2?Omfg,what about pc?Do i have to buy the game again,but for my ps2,lol,forget it!!!:mad2: