View Full Version : Austria Trouble

25th Jan 2007, 00:33
I've been play IG for ever now so I decided that it was time to play Austria on hard. (I've play every other country on hard and won) But for no reason I was attacked by GB (my greatest Allie with about 85-95% symphony) when i was attacking The Ottoman Empire. Why is that?

28th Jan 2007, 17:13
The AI probably saw you as too much of a threat, decided to take advantage of the situation or you were too weak. Perhaps it is a combination of two of the reasons.

28th Jan 2007, 18:55
I could never beat the game with Prussia or Austria on hard :scratch:

7th Feb 2007, 01:01
I've sworn at the screen a few times when that happens :mad2:

Austria is probably the toughest nation to use on hard setting, it's mostly for the same reasons too - the others invade you at the drop of a hat, mostly Russia + Prussia + Ottoman because they border Austria directly. Yeah it doesn't really matter if your approval rating is high either, so long as someone can afford to pay enough to make enemies out of friends.

I agree that it feels like the AI is simply taking advantage of your weakness during the first few game years - you are spread too thin to defend against all potential invaders (and with Austria there are a lot of them) although it rarely finishes me off - I just get invaded a lot and the enemy retreats afterwards. The problem is that it stalls your production to a point where it is very tough to compete later in the game.

Maybe concentrate on military defence and diplomacy to gather allies and raise your approval rating to a point where other nations cannot persuade neutrals into war with you. Hope that helps.