View Full Version : Solo progress not being tracked

22nd Jan 2007, 21:16
For some reason when I race in a solo championship... even if I finish in first place in all four races, the game gives me no rank.
It says I finished first in the championship, but it says "rank: -".
In the "view progress" menu, for solo progress, it says 0% completed, even though I have finished first in all kinds of solo championships. Please advise.... Am I the only one with this problem??? (PC version)

9th Feb 2007, 04:10
Eidos support got back to me, and said that the focus of the game was on team challenges. I haven't taken it any further with them, but I still can't figure out why the solo progress isn't tracked (being as how there is clearly an effort to do so somewhere along the way in developing the game) :nut: