View Full Version : how high can you go?

20th Jan 2007, 21:31
hi, looking at the base jumps , i went much higher, much higher than the clouds and so high that i could see the whole island.
how high can you go?:nut: :nut: :nut:

p.s is there a glitch when you go higher?:nut:

15th Feb 2007, 02:01
my highest base jump is 2944 meters or something like that. I dunno anywhere thats higher than that that you can jump off of.

And yyah ive done that before with the learjet thing at the mendoza international airport... dunno how high it was though... just really really high, above the clouds.

P.S. Im not sure you can see the whole of the islands...there would eventually be a fog line or something.