View Full Version : HELP cant restore unites!!!!!!!!

20th Jan 2007, 16:54
some one please help me i cant restore any units for the france campaign!!!please help me.what do i need to do?

22nd Jan 2007, 09:30
Have you built a hospital?

Bun Bun
24th Jan 2007, 06:26
Have you built a hospital?

Im Builded a hospital in the same province where i placed my injured unit's.
Three turn's click - nothing happened.
I checked another 100 time unit panel to see by any chance button "restore" is active and ready to use - he was not ready.
Then i putted all of them on to garison, that same.
Maybe you got more good idea's like that one? -_-
Is there any competent person who know's how to restore units?