View Full Version : smokin' Winston?

rabid metro
20th Jan 2007, 04:58
I'm wondering how TRX (the 10th anniversary makeover of TR1) is going to handle Winston, and Zip and Alistair. Zip and Alistair are "young and hip", :) etc. but they weren't really there in the original incarnation of TR1 . However, they are an essential feature of the current Lara who is being refashioned into the previous role. Winston was one of the funnier bits of the early games. I really enjoyed smokin' that crusty old fart! The legend-style Winston isn't half-bad. Far less annoying ... didn't he chatter on the headset once or twice?

Anyways, what are your opinions on how to handle Winston in TRX?

20th Jan 2007, 07:45
I want him to move so I can lock him in the freezer. :lmao:

(No I am not evil he got on my nerves).

20th Jan 2007, 12:48
Thankfully, Zip and Alister will not be in this game.

Hopefully, Winston will move about the mansion, if CD includes the mansion.

21st Jan 2007, 19:30
I would like to be able to put some of Lara's clothes on him or something different than locking him in the freezer. I want something new.