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14th Oct 2013, 10:49
Triad Wars

New game based in the Sleeping Dogs universe (http://www.unitedfrontgames.com/2013/10/news-from-ufg/)! We'll have more information about what the game's going to be in 2014.

2nd Dec 2013, 07:33
GREAT! I am excited to hear about this. I originally downloaded Sleeping Dogs on the PSN on a whim. It was only about $10 at the time and reviews for it had been favorable, so I figured there was a good chance it would be enjoyable to play. But I found it to be more than just enjoyable, it was AWESOME! I had never played any of the True Crime games prior, and knowing that Sleeping Dogs was originally a True Crime game put me off to it. But I am glad I took the risk on what was an unknown game to me at the time.

With the sequel I hope that they really go in their own direction and do things in their own way. Like I said I never played a True Crime game before, but knowing it had been a True Crime game had me constantly feeling like the game was living in the shadow of what it once was while I was playing it. Not that it was a lesser game, but rather that it HAD to follow a certain script or theme to it's gameplay and story because of what it once was. I know it seems unfair to say that because I never played those games before, but that is the impression i got. Nonetheless I still loved Sleeping Dogs and will likely be getting Triad Wars day 1 when it comes out.