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19th Jan 2007, 19:51
OK. I have been [playing the demo a little recently, I never seem to start with the sub port as mine, always my allies. Well one game he left and I was given control of them. I couldn't do much with them. I would shoot my torpedos in front to lead them but I think maybe they adjust for the ship movement without me, But also why do they head up to the surface so fast. I tried killing another sub and all that happened was I ended up running into him. Does anyone have any tips for me?

19th Jan 2007, 20:09
For subs you have to keep a close eye on the Oxygen meter, when it runs out you must surface or the AI will surface for you. Also try getting within a mile and a half (use the target info box in the top left to tell the distance), use your periscope to aim and make adjustments ( Y button brings up periscope and up/down on left stick zooms in/out) make sure to lead your taget and try to fire a spread of torps not just all of them at one specific point.

Steel Coffin
19th Jan 2007, 20:17
yea on the sub VS sub note you also have rear torp launcers start running away and let them case u and get to your lvl then dodge his torps and let loose the rear torps

that should take care of it

19th Jan 2007, 21:47
yeh, thats an awsome plan....if u can turn fast enough......lol....

19th Jan 2007, 23:36
In the control menue, if u click y, it explains alot about the subs. (hints and tips) is what it is called I think.

20th Jan 2007, 01:08
I love the Subs so far. Been playing way to much SH3 once i first got in the sub i was hitting targets around the 1.5 mile limmit now im hitting at max range!

Sure they tuff to use, but if your unsure just do a nice spread on afew screws. Have to watch the distance marker and get used to time of travel. Than the hardest part is doing the math in your head on where you think he should be at the right time.

Wish they had a stop watch in the game would be much easier to judge the time! Thank God i'm a die hard SH3 player it all comes easy to me without waiting to long on doing the math.

Also go after player controled ships when fireing off afew screws at long range. Must the time they to busy to even notice the fish in the water. The AI controled ship are much harder and you need to be much closer half the time. So don't waste tubes on AI at long range if your unsure as it is!!!

20th Jan 2007, 01:33
SH3 is great I cant wait until Wolves of the Pacific comes out!

20th Jan 2007, 05:06
just remember, stay submerged, when you get within about 2 miles of enemy ships, surface for just a few seconds to replenish your oxygen, once the oxygen if full, go back under, and kill them :D
also, while you can fire off a spread at long range, you might get only 1 hit, i prefer to try getting within a half a mile (or as close as possible) and hit them with all 4 forward tubes, drive under him, and hit him with the 2 aft tubes

22nd Jan 2007, 02:46
Ok thanks everyone. I just want to give you a idea I saw used pretty effectivly a few games ago. What they did was they surfaced RIGHt beside me... I was in a BB and my guns couldn't hit him there. Now that I think about it I guess I should have just rammed him, But I didn't think of that before.

22nd Jan 2007, 07:26
Hehe I did that before when torps were out, I tried to ram the BB , also tried to dive under and surface but it just messed my ship up.

Funny thing is, Big ships like battleships and cruiser can dodge torps pretty good if you KNOW their coming. I was fairly close to 1 sitting in the water, I fired towards the front and he must of spotted me cuz he hit full throttle and mine missed. I was further back than intended but O2 was almost out and knew was gonna surface soon.

22nd Jan 2007, 13:53
Just a quick tip:
In the player select menu where you decide what slot you want to be (this is before the match starts) move over to thr right and place the cursor over the icons of the Naval Yards, look at the bottom of the screen, this will tell you what units are produced in each naval yard and thus you can assure subs or battleships from the shipyard you control.

22nd Jan 2007, 21:46
Wow turtle I never noticed that, thanks a lot.

23rd Jan 2007, 05:45
The Subs Suck In This Game

23rd Jan 2007, 05:54
No, you just suck with them.

They are the ultimate anti-ship ship. And they are great against naval yards.

23rd Jan 2007, 06:04
No, you just suck with them.

They are the ultimate anti-ship ship. And they are great against naval yards.

Hmm do torps damage the yards? Or are you sneaking past to use the lone artillery gun?

I wondered about that before but never tried it. Wonder how much that can affect gameplay if you just get subs to go deep til close and surface to unload full spread, well worth price of 1 ship if can take out shipyard.

23rd Jan 2007, 06:08
You will do damage. Not massive amounts, mind you.

I have used torps on a DD against shipyards, and they did damage, and then I finished them off with the artillery.

Stands to reason that the sub can do the same.

I will respond once I get the chance to use the sub again.

Don't worry, I use facts to back up my radical claims. ;)

24th Jan 2007, 04:04
the only thing you can really do when it comes to sub on sub is ram him and while your at point blank range fire your torps and i definetly dont like the fack that torpedoes go right to the surface

24th Jan 2007, 04:41
the only thing you can really do when it comes to sub on sub is ram him and while your at point blank range fire your torps and i definetly dont like the fack that torpedoes go right to the surface

that is the only way (unless they are on the surface), what you should do is go at half speed when you are turning, that way it isn't just 2 subs going around in circles ramming head on and diving to escape the others torps,
or you could ram them when they are at the depth level under you, it scrapes off their periscope, and that will limit their effectiveness until it is repaired,

as for surface ships, just figure out where they are going, and plant yourself right along their path, just wait, and they will come right up to you making a hit a lot easier, but if you do get close, be careful not to get too close, stay about 0.2 miles away, if you get too close, your torps won't get up to the surface in time, and will go right under your target