View Full Version : Favourite Demo Moments

19th Jan 2007, 05:00
My favourite moment would have to be in my third or forth game when (as Japan) my naval base was destroyed by a pesky ship. I sent my Kongo-Class Crusier and wiped him out. Now since that was my only unit left I thought I'd go down in flames. I went to the nearest Cruiser (I think) and picked a fight. Salvo after salvo we fought. Luckily thanks to Kongo's many guns she went down first. But just before, she fired off a salvo of torpedoes! They ram into the side of my ship. And I take on water and tip to the right. My crew barely stops it from sinking. Next a small destroyer thinks he can pick me off. Wrong, I annhiliate him with my cannons and I'm barely alive. I'm done as the newly built Battleship closes in. ;)