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19th Jan 2007, 00:38
hello, can someone tell me is the graphic and soundeffect feature like the gameplay trailers? thx for feedback!

19th Jan 2007, 01:30
the sound effects when shells and bullets hit the water is sexy and when a plane is crashing oh god i love this game :D

19th Jan 2007, 02:08
you have to play with a battleship RIGHT NOW. i've really been waiting for this but i cannot stress enough how cool BBs are in this game.

when you are broadside and fairly close with all arty firing it is so beautiful. the graphics are amazing for this type of gameplay. the controllers vibrate (if you have surround sound you will too) when you fire your main guns, looking through the binocs at your enemy as shells explode is magnificent. They did an outstanding job with the way ships become damaged (smoke plooms, taking on water, fire). Trust me, BB are just too fun, even if they are slow.

i will buy this game on both 360 and PC. i was waiting to see how 360 gameplay would fare on the controller, but now I will be using a controller on the PC because the vibrating feature is just too cool in the heat of the battle.

19th Jan 2007, 03:14
Yes, the graphics are on par with what you've seen in previews. Every aspect of this game shines.

19th Jan 2007, 10:31
thx to all and what is with the engine sounds from planes? same great motor sounds like gametrailer from e3 video?

19th Jan 2007, 13:59
Running on 42" HD rear projection LCD at 1080i and looks great. Audio is running through home theatre 3/2.1 system with subwoofer and the sound is excellent.

Image fills the entire screen and with 4x4 the performance is very good.

19th Jan 2007, 14:05
Nothing more beaitufull than a enemy ship on fire.

I just wish the muzzle flash/smoke would be alittle more impressive :)

19th Jan 2007, 14:11
Needs more bass!!! I want my teeth to rattle :nut:

19th Jan 2007, 14:30
I just wish the muzzle flash/smoke would be alittle more impressive :)

yeah this is gonna be great while loads players are worried about the muzzle flash/smoke im gonna sink them . ahaha excellent :whistle:

and chip, rattling teeth while try to fly a plane is crazy ! :lmao:

19th Jan 2007, 14:32
no, wearing hairgel while flying a plane is crazy :rasp: :scratch: (mythbusters refference)

20th Jan 2007, 10:03