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Iron Sound
18th Jan 2007, 00:55
I bought and played the first installment in this series when it came out, IL-2 Sturmovik.

It was and still is a classic and has received many add-ons and make overs since the initial release, which, in their apparent magnaminity and huge-ness I have sadly not been a part of.

A few weeks ago it was re-released with its sequels on ONE HUGE DVD!

Included is Pacific Fighters which I never played, but I saw great looking CV models and of course beautiful flight models for all out favourites in the Pacific theatre.

I am guessing some of you have already played IL-2 1946 (some aspect or theatre of it anyway!), but I would highly recommend this to any person interested WW2 aviation, as simple as that.

Any particular favourites of yours from IL-2? Also, have you ever played online, it looks great but I am wondering about the netcode?

18th Jan 2007, 01:34
yeah I have played Il2,Il2 Forgotten Battles,and Pacific Heroes.I have not played 1946 yet though.

Actually I used to be really into Warbirds Dawn of Aces.I loved flying in the Zeppelins ;) I also play Janes WW2 Fighters,but overall I am not a huge fan of flight sims.

I like to get my hands dirty,and I am a groundpounder at heart (6 years in the Army will do that to ya) :rasp:

18th Jan 2007, 02:07
yea That series was and still is great. Another great game is Lock on Modern Combat for the PC. Nothing like flying low and slow in a Warthog A-10 smoking tanks.


Iron Sound
19th Jan 2007, 19:08
I seriously recommend this and Battlestations.

Another "new" WW2 era game that'll captivate you for ages.

20th Jan 2007, 10:02
IL2 Graphic is to old also the ways to the missions are to long!

Iron Sound
20th Jan 2007, 21:20
"the missions"

you obviously played this game then... and all the add-ons and sequels...