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17th Jan 2007, 00:12
Hello to everyone. I've been playing Tomb Raider from day one and I'm glad that I've join this site with other Tomb Raider lovers. Ok now I've finished all of the TR games, but Legends. I've been stuck for like 2 months on Nepal 7. I just look on line and found a video on how to make it through. When Lara gets the sword and comes to the falling floor, she is suppose to run and jump left, then jump right. Then she is suppose to jump to the middle bridge. But when I play on my PS2 the middle bridge falls before I can even get there. Is it because of the level I'm on? I've never seen anything like that. Has anyone else have this problem? There is not way that I can cross without that middle bridge. I've never had this kind of frustration with any other of thr TRs.:confused:


17th Jan 2007, 00:24

Presuming you are over 18 I suggest a beer.....This is a really hard part, and it requires you to try every platform, keep jumping around until you can remember the pattern, I think I went straight, left, middle, then onto that thing at the end

Best of luck

17th Jan 2007, 00:46
Yeah, your right. I'm going to need a beer. This is crazy.:mad2: On the video I watched, the middle platform doesn't fall. When I play, it falls when I walk through the door.:mad2:

17th Jan 2007, 07:51
Yeah top of the line reflexes are needed :mad:

17th Jan 2007, 10:43
It should not fall before you even start, unless you were playing around and shot something you should not have before you went in and got the sword. There is a glitch where if you shoot some round thing just floating around the platform will fall early. You can finish the level by taking the slightly harder right hand route, but make sure you do NOT leave the room because if you pass the checkpoint on the stairs you will not be able to finish and will have to go back to an earlier save. You will find the instructions for the right hand path here

17th Jan 2007, 23:50
Thanks guys. I appreciate all the help. Aussie, I will try this alternate route. I'll let you guys know how it works out.


19th Jan 2007, 02:13
Thanks Aussie. It worked. I finished the game.:D