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16th Jan 2007, 19:13

Battlestations: Midway Sneak Peek
Tune in for a live, exclusive interview with the makers of Battlestations: Midway, including Head of Studio from Eidos Hungary Klaude Thomas, Product Manager David Bamberger, and Product Specialists, Katie Bieringer and Stephen Cavoretto of Eidos Interactive on Wednesday, January 17, at 4:00 p.m. PT.

As a GameSpot subscriber, you'll get a special sneak preview of the Battlestations: Midway multiplayer demo and get your burning questions answered directly from the developer. Be one of the first 50 GameSpot subscribers to tune in, and you could receive a free Battlestations: Midway pinup calendar!

GameSpot members will also earn a unique Battlestations: Midway emblem in their profiles for watching the exclusive interview.

What: GameSpot's live and exclusive interview with the makers of Battlestations: Midway
When: Wednesday, January 17 at 4PM PT
Who: All GameSpot members can watch the live broadcast and earn an emblem. GameSpot subscribers can join the chat room and submit their questions directly to the developers.

16th Jan 2007, 19:19
the main question is when is this thing going to appear on the marketplace.

16th Jan 2007, 19:20
It will be around the 18th of Jan, give or take a few days.

16th Jan 2007, 19:24
Would have preferred a single player one but a demo's a demo I suppose. :)

16th Jan 2007, 19:43
Yeah, I noticed this, too. You never know, they may release a single player AND a multiplayer demo...

16th Jan 2007, 20:21
Would have preferred a single player one but a demo's a demo I suppose. :)

read past posts by devs of this site and you might be surprised...

16th Jan 2007, 20:39
Yeah, I'm pretty new here so I wouldn't doubt that I've missed it. So Singleplayer demo for Xbox Live and a multiplayer one for the gamespot deal? I could be reading this all wrong. :)

16th Jan 2007, 21:28
yeh...think so........ damn, why multiplayer :mad2: if this is comin out shortly then im in a mess...... just when there is somethin wrong with my internet and it is VERY slow.....

16th Jan 2007, 22:53
Since MP is the only reason i'm getting this game. I'm more than happy with a MP demo :rasp:

Besides GoW is getting old online and a MP demo of BS:M will get me through the next few weeks until the games release just fine!