View Full Version : stuck in japan (two layers)

16th Jan 2007, 10:12
in the japan stage, there is a scene in which a bad guy (probably the boss) is on the 2nd floor while lara on the ground.

there are 2 pieces of large rocks and the bad guy keeps on emiting poison gas. there is no way to jump to the 2nd floor to kill the bad guy

anyone knows how to deal with that?

thanks a lot.

16th Jan 2007, 10:42
You have to go under 2nd floor and find ladder ( or something like that).When you do that you have to only shoot to this very bad guy.:)

16th Jan 2007, 10:56
thanks. but the problem is that there's nothing like a ladder or a pole there, no even behind the rocks/statues.

i'm NDS version, would that be different?

16th Jan 2007, 11:24
Looks like you cant get on second lvl in NDS here is japan walkthrough for NDS:

16th Jan 2007, 14:45
thanks a lot, tomb raider legend is probably my favourite game