View Full Version : still missing the great sounds...

16th Jan 2007, 00:03
i have downloaded the preview ingame video and now i am still missing
the great sounds (of the planes) from all the gametrailers that eidos show us.

Also no sounds to hear from bombing runs, when they fly down, no sound when the plane goes down, no sound from the planes engine, what the hell is it?

Has Eidos fake us with the gametrailers??????????????

Alpha Wolfgang
16th Jan 2007, 00:39
glitch maybe?

16th Jan 2007, 02:40
in a lot of the videos the sound id there, but in many it is either very quiet, or drown out by the music,

16th Jan 2007, 17:27

yes i know, but i have spoken about the real sounds like in all other gametrailer, you know?

Alpha Wolfgang
16th Jan 2007, 17:29
well, we'll just have to wait for the demo to be sure.

m t freestyler
16th Jan 2007, 23:13
listen to tulagi wen he does the dive boming run. the plane starts to whistle

17th Jan 2007, 00:20
@m t freestyler

yes, i know but i speak about the sounds like engine from the plane (the big great motor sound like the trailer`s), or when you push a bombing run you can hear the fall of the bomb, or when your plane shoot up, in the trailer you can hear a fine sound when the plane goes down and so on :rolleyes:

m t freestyler
17th Jan 2007, 06:42
yeah i no what you mean i really just didnt study up on the vids i was just happy to see them and i dont think i could hear them anyway because of my pc speakers