View Full Version : Help in Bolivia

15th Jan 2007, 01:02
G'day folks, I can't get past the part in Bolivia where you have to get three cages onto some pads to get through to the next stage. I have no idea how to use the see-saw thing. I'm new to Tombraider and any help would be sweet!

15th Jan 2007, 01:56
Howdy dazz. Puzzle solving is part of Tomb Raider, if you haven't experienced Tomb Raider before. You have one crate available to place on a pressure plate. The other two crates are down in the water. One crate is under the see-saw. Pull it out, and push it on to the end of the see saw. The idea is to jump onto the other end of the see-saw to launch the crate up to where you need it. So climb up out of the water and run around so you are near the other end of the see-saw, the jump so you land as close to the end of the see-saw as you can. Good luck.