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Stanislav II
14th Jan 2007, 02:28
When is the American link going to get fixed? And the "buy now" in the second screen that pops up, after you click on one of the flags, the British "buy now" links take you to obsolete purchasing sites. Please update this and your American link in general if you want this site nice so people visit and you sell more games. More money to Eidos = more money to the devs = more Eidos games = happier me. :o ha... ha... ;) :D

14th Jan 2007, 10:25
I have no idea, I don't work for Eidos. The best thing to do is mail webmaster@eidos.com . Also please use the pm function next time.

Stanislav II
24th Jan 2007, 15:01
Yes, I am sorry. I alway come across a little idiotic at any new message board, then I "normal up". PM next time. Do want me to let them know? Is it worth it? If I have even more spair time within my spair time I'll do it later.