View Full Version : HELP - King Aurthur's Tomb

13th Jan 2007, 15:58
I am stuck with a bell that moves up and down, a swinging chandelier, a column that I can stand on after jumping to the weighted end of the bell, and a movable tomb...what in the world do I do? I have tried everything!

objective: "Find King Aurther's sarcophagus"

13th Jan 2007, 16:12
Ok.. You drag the broken tomb to the bottom of the column.
Then you grapple the chandelier, pull as far back as you can, let go and run and hop on the column, finally jump to grab the rope with the weight. Make sure you do everything quickly after letting go of the chandelier.

13th Jan 2007, 18:11
Just to add to what Headache said, the point of doing all that is to ring the bell.